John Higgins acts as a diplomat at World Championship

19th April 2017 Martin Cunningham 0

Having defeated Martin Gould 10-6 in Sheffield just to set up a Betfred World Championship second round clash with an Irish sportsman, Mark Alle, Hohn Higgins played diplomat. Scot Higgins, aged 41, tells that the leading sportsmen require sitting down with supremo Barry Hearn for the purpose of thrashing out […]

London Marathon 2017: answering all questions

19th April 2017 Martin Cunningham 0

The London Marathon 2017 can be defined as the 37th edition of the long-distance race around London’s streets. Both amateurs as well as elite athletes take part in this annual sports event, running  the 26 mile and 385 yard course or to put that another way – 42.195 kilometres. Various […]

Pyongyang Marathon hosts 1000 foreign runners

11th April 2017 Martin Cunningham 0

April 9, Sunday was the day, when more than 1,000 foreign sportsmen were trying their hand at running. They took part in an exotic and magnificent sports event held in the most secretive country around the globe. The Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon has been bursting out annually in Pyongyang since […]