Manchester City Agrees £35M Deal for Benfica’s Goalkeeper Ederson Moraes

After numerous negotiations, Benfica finally agreed to sell Moraes to Manchester City, for the astonishing amount of 40M Euros. The club stated that 50% of that fee, will go to ”third parties”, involved in the transfer. According to some sources, the transfer cannot be sealed, until the involved third parties will agree as well. With Moraes as a goalkeeper, Benfica managed to win the Portuguese Cup, last Sunday. According to him, this was probably his last appearance for the Portuguese club.

Because Moraes is the captain of Under-23 Brazilian Team, he intends to make a good impression in the forthcoming matches against Australia and Argentina. Pep Guardiola, the manager jf rolex deepsea mens 116660 rolex calibre 2813 18mm of Manchester City, stated that he was interested in Moraes for a long time. That’s why, he let Willy Caballero go, making room for the young Brazilian goalkeeper. However, this week, Joe Hart announced that he will be leaving Torino, and return to Manchester City. Even though he still has a 2 years contract with the English club, he is expected to leave as well.

The current goalkeeper of Manchester City, Claudio Bravo, will have a serious competition after Moraes signs miku series 5 pod syetem 3000 puffs xanh luc with the club. He already encountered this situation at Barcelona, where he was replaced with Ter Stegen. The history is about to repeat at Manchester City, as Moraes is expected to be the 1-st goalkeeper of the team.

Third Party Ownership

This is a very common but yet problematic practice, in football. It happens when somebody else than the club, has an ownership stake, over a certain player. Third party ownership raised some problems in many transfers, like the situation of Carlos Tevez or Javier Mascherano. Even though this practice is very common in the International Football, the English Federation forbids it. When West Ham United tried to transfer a third-party owned player, they’ve received some rough sanctions. They were fined with 5.5M Pounds and got points deduction.

The Premier League federation takes this matter very seriously, and threatens to sanction every club that ignores this rule. Considering the situation of Ederson Moraes, this is expected to harden the legal formalities and the transfer process. However, the transfer can be made, once all the parties, including the federation are happy with the contractual clauses. Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer!

Ederson Moraes Skills

Tim Vickery, a South American football expert, compared Ederson Moraes to Manuel Neuer. He also stated that Moraes is way better than Bravo, because of his physical stature, posture in the field and age. Besides other goalkeepers, Moraes has some excellent ground skills and an impressive kick. This could fit Guardiola’s style, of quickly getting the team out of defense, and pressing the opponents in their own half. He is very confident when he’s at the ball, and this is exactly what City needs at this moment. Even though he is a good goalkeeper, nobody knows if he’s going to cope with the club, and adapt to their playing style. Another problem with Moraes is that he doesn’t have speak English very well. As communication between a goalkeeper and the rest of the team is crucial, he will have to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Ederson Moraes signed with Benfica last March and since then, he played 37 matches for the team. The 23 years old goalkeeper impressed even since his first appearance on the field, and this caught the eye of many major clubs.

Ederson Moraes is one of the most prolific goalkeepers at the moment, and he is expected to make a good impression at Manchester City. It’s only up to him if he manages to raise to the expectations and integrate into the English football style. If he will, he might become one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Is This the Biggest Transfer Fee of a Goalkeeper?

Even though 40M Euros don’t seem like a lot of money when it comes to a regular player, this amount is astonishing for a goalkeeper. However, this is not the absolute record. The biggest transfer fee of a goalkeeper was in 2001, when Gianluigi Buffon was transferred from Parma to Juventus. The Italian club payed an incredible 53M Euros for him, making Buffon the most expensive goalkeeper of all times. Considering that the transfer fee for Moraes will be payed in Pounds, this is the most expensive goalkeeper, ever bought with this currency.