London Marathon runner sacrifices his own race to help exhausted athlete

One generous London Marathon runner dared to sacrifice his own race for the purpose of helping a physically exhausted fellow runner even across the finishing line.

Matthew Rees, participating as part of the Swansea Harriers running club, suddenly stopped just several meters short of the finishing line just to assist David Wyeth of Chorlton Runners in finishing his race.

Wyeth’s legs started buckling as he got closer to the finishing line as the exhausting 26-mile course started taking its toll.

Matthew Rees informed the Press Association that he took the final corner being assured that he has almost won, but suddenly he noticed that poor guy with legs awfully crumbled below him. He saw him making a vigorous effort to stand up again, but his legs kept going down again. Rees thought it’s more crucial to get that guy across the line than shaving a few seconds off his own time.

David Wyeth was given instant medical attention from London paramedics. Then the runner was taken away for further medical attention.