Pyongyang Marathon hosts 1000 foreign runners

April 9, Sunday was the day, when more than 1,000 foreign sportsmen were trying their hand at running. They took part in an exotic and magnificent sports event held in the most secretive country around the globe.

The Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon has been bursting out annually in Pyongyang since 1981, though only in 2014 the North Korean authorities started allowing participants from other countries. Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online rolex gmt master 16713bkso 1 40mm mens gold tone

As a matter of fact, the International Association of Athletics Federation considers the Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon to be a bronze-label sports event. Moreover, it officially registers the records of professional marathon runners, attending the marathon in North Korea.vape coil

Comprised of approximately 2,000 runners, the North Korean sports event starts and ends in Kim Il-Sung Stadium. While the participants complete their route, thousands of spectators in front of the stadium are amused by a football match.