Should Maria Sharapova have been granted Stuttgart wildcard?

In March 2016, a Russian female tennis player Maria Sharapova officially announced that she had to serve a ban for testing positive for the banned stuff Meldonium.

Eventually, the first ban of two years, which started from January 2016 when the female tennis player failed the test at the Australian Open, was cut to 15 months on appeal, and she’s fully eligible to get back next Wednesday.

In Stuttgart, Maria Sharapova has been controversially awarded a wildcard for the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix notwithstanding the tournament bursting out two days earlier on Monday. That’s a strange situation, meaning that Sharapova won’t be able to enter the tournament’s site only until two days later when her ban finally expires.

That’s a common thing the Russian tennis player has a couple of friends in the locker room, so it’s no wonder that a number of sportsmen have already suggested that it gives rather a negative example to provide the Russian with a Stuttgart wildcard.

Caroline Wozniacki has found the decision disrespectful to the other sportsmen as well as the WTA.