Arsene Wenger: Arsenal achievements outside the top four wouldn’t be catastrophic

As Arsene Wenger has just revealed, this football season wouldn’t be fatal for Arsenal notwithstanding they’ve concluded outside the top four. He’s assured that his guys are growing stronger again.

An awful sequence of outcomes between January and May probably suggests that Arsenal is narrowly losing out to Manchester City and Liverpool for the third as well as fourth Champions League places, although they could still acquire 75 points, which is four more than the previous year in finishing second, and conquer the FA Cup.

When asked if that would be a sort of progress, Arsene told that it would mean that the football season has not been as great as he hoped from the very beginning. He stressed that he actually started winning the Premier League, but something went wrong, and, therefore, he’s not absolutely satisfied with the outcome. Nevertheless, the manager doesn’t consider it to be disastrous.  In general, Wenger appreciates the way his guys have developed recently.