A bid for Las Palmas’ Mauricio Lemos is considered by Everton as part of £75m spending

Everton are currently pondering whether they should sign Mauricio Lemos, central defender as part of the club’s summer spend, which could top £75million, or not.

The previous summer Lemos attracted the attention of Barcelona, and the sportsman has also amazed Everton scouts with how he acted for Las Palmas this campaign.

It’s quite uncertain that Maurico Lemos would be given a work permit just to head for the Premier League.

It feels like Everton will be monitoring the situation in order to find out whether it makes sense to pursue their interest in Las Palmas’ 21-year-old player with a bid or not.

In 2015, fresh rules on how work permits are handed out to players were disclosed. Under the appeals process for the folks who fail to meet the criteria via full international appearances, football players are bound to score four or more points from a list of regulations just to stand a chance of getting exemption.