Jose Mourinho doesn’t want Manchester United season to be judged on Europa League final

As Jose Mourinho has already informed, the result of the Europa League final shouldn’t judge whether his first season at Manchester United has been successful or bad.

However, Jose added he realized the media as well as some Manchester United fans, might see it that way.

Jose could grasp his third reward as United boss, just to go with the Community Shield as well as the EFL Cup, when his guys meet Ajax on May 24 in Stockholm.

The ex-Chelsea manager ascertains he might be bombarded with critical remarks if things fail to meet expectations in the Friends Arena.

However, he’s assured that executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward along with owners the Glazer family will consider the campaign to be successful even if Manchester United fail to defeat Ajax.

Jose Mourinho confessed that for his 17-year career it had happened to be one of the most challenging campaigns. He doubts that Stockholm’s upcoming event can overshadow it.