Footage of Everton’s Ross Barkley being attacked in bar is scrutinized by the police

Merseyside Police have already confirmed they’re currently investigating video footage that happens to show the Everton and England midfielder, Ross Barkley being punched in a bar in Liverpool on Monday morning.

Ross Barkley, who had participated in Everton’s glorious 4-2 win over Leicester on Sunday at Goodison Park, was pictured on CCTV, talking to an unidentified man.

Then, on that footage the man unexpectedly knocked the 23-year-old midfielder to the ground, having punched him in the side of the face before he was dragged away.

As reports state, the attack has occurred in the Santa Chupitos cocktail bar, the center of Liverpool.

Merseyside Police told they were actually scrutinizing the matter. They also stressed that they’re aware of that footage, presumably showing the incident with Ross Barkley. The report of the assault hasn’t been received yet, but the police officers are currently making enquiries just to establish the circumstanced of the crime.

Being out of contract at Everton at the end of upcoming season, Ross Barkley faces rather an uncertain future at the club, while Spurs are considering signing the player.