A bunch of commercial sponsors back Anthony Joshua’s upcoming fight

Anthony Joshua’s sponsors are varied and lucrative, ranging from high-end vehicles to costly watches.

At the weekend the heavyweight boxer is planning to face off with Wladimir Klitschko, ex-heavyweight champion of the world and whatever the outcome might be, he’ll earn up to £15million.

Joshua’s sponsors, including Under Armour, Sky Sports, Texo Scaffolding, StubHub, Lucozade, Dafabet and many others will be among those, expected to make decent revenue on that night. They actually consider capitalizing on one of UK sports legends.

Ahead of his bout versus Eric Molina, 2016, December, the boxer was pictured representing the brand Under Armour along with ex-Manchester United player Memphis Depay.

Commenting on his deal with Under Armour, the boxer stressed that it’s a mutually beneficial and successful parthership, and Under Armour helped him to drastically step up performance with high quality custom products as well as fresh technologies.