Jose Mourinho considers partnering Antoine Griezmann with Alvaro Morata

Jose Mourinho relishes a thought of encouraging Antoine Griezmann to organize a fresh Manchester United strike promising partnership with Alvaro Morata. It also suggests Real Madrid encouragement in their mutual pursuit of David de Gea.

Griezmann, Atletico Madrid forward has long been selected as Manchester United’s exclusive summer objective and the Frenchman appears to be in line to be granted a promising contract at Old Trafford worth approximately £300,000-a-week or £17 million-a-year.

Reacting to the injury to Zlatan Ibrahimovic along with the expected retreat of Wayne Rooney, Jose’s  eager to grasp another effective striker, capable of performing in front of Griezmann. So, he has just picked up Morata for this role.

Planning for a Premier League title bout as well as European next season, in the Europa League or the Champions League, he intends to get up to three forwards, all offer something worthy, but different.