Dragons’ Ed Jackson dives and breaks his neck

Ed Jackson, the player of Newport Gwent Dragons has unexpectedly broken his neck having dived into the shallow end of the swimming pool.

It occurred on April 8 at a family barbecue. The sportsman, aged 28, who had previously fought for Doncaster, Wasps as well as London Welsh, happened to hit his head right on the sweeping pool bottom. When dragged from the water by his dad, he already had no feeling in his legs and arms. As a result, his future remains uncertain.

Ed Jackson was immediately taken to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, where he underwent emergency surgery in order to diminish pressure on his spinal cord. His shattered vertebrae was removed and replaced with a metal disk.

Currently he feels nothing below his neck, though he’s capable of moderately moving his right arm. It feels like his road to absolute recovery will take a decent amount of time.  At least the doctors appreciate the surgery’s outcome, and the player’s making considerable progress.