Arsene Wenger& Jose Mourinho: just one day to make peace

Arsene Wenger has already confused that he’d be willing just one day in order to make peace with his foe Jose Mourinho, although he has told the Manchester United manager that his squad’s capable of dealing with April’s fixture requirements.

Mourinho has often had his side’s schedule referenced following April’s nine matches and potentially another seven bouts in May, though Wenger stressed that top teams might be willing extra bouts at this particular stage of the season.

Arsene has just refused to accept Mourinho’s suggestion that on Sunday Manchester United could be weakened versus Arsenal by simply prioritizing their Europa League semi-final with the Spanish team Celta Vigo.

Wenger told that the only advantage they can give themselves is to shift their focus on themselves, while staying away from speculating on any weakness of their fierce rival Manchester United. It’s time to realize that the opposing team is strong and it requires respect.