Jenson Button’s decision is backed by Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has already supported Jenson Button’s recent decision to have Fernando Alonso replaced at the Monaco Grand Prix a bit later this year.

Yesterday the Spaniard revealed to reporters that he would miss the flagship race of the F1 calendar for the purpose of participating in the Indy 500, held in America.

Besides this, Mercedes driver Hamilton considers Button to be a perfect substitution for Alonso. Hamilton really hopes that Jenson will get back as it would be a fantastic move for the sport.  For Hamilton, Alonso turns to be one of the most skilled drivers, especially considering his experience and calibre.

Besides this, for the 2017 season Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne aged 25 replaced Button. However, the Brit is still under contract with the team as an ambassador and reserve driver.

F1 fans can watch the Monaco Grand Prix on May 28, Sunday.

McLaren are supposed to announce Alonso’s substitute soon.