Man United is urged by Paul Pogba to win Europa League AND finish

Paul Pogba actually urges Man United to become a winner in Europa League AND finish, Premier League tops four. Moreover, he’s eager to ensure they qualify twice – by simply winning the Europa League and also leading in the top four of the Premier League.

As United made all the necessary preparations for their Europa League quarter-final first play to take on Anderlecht, Paul told that he came to United for the purpose of doing enormous challenges.

That’s quite natural for United to take part in Champions League. These guys have everything to meet this objective, they have the manager, the players and the staff.

Of course, these folks have to get back to the Champions League. It’s the number one objective, really serious one.

When asked how to make this come true, Paul Pogba answered that for this purpose he should conclude in the top four and finally win the Europa League.

Additionally, Pogba is also assured that by simply assisting United in backing into Europe’s prestigious club competition, it will undoubtedly help them to attract excellent players.