Board gathering after FA Cup final will decide Arsene Wenger’s future

Arsene Wenger has already confirmed that his sports future is going to be decided at a board gathering right after the FA Cup final. Moreover, he added that he would tolerate any changes in the club’s footballing structure on the condition his core role isn’t understated.

As disclosed by Telegraph Sport, the football club Arsenal have been evaluating nominees for a aspire nautilus aio vape cases fresh role and, while Arsene Wenger was previously dismissive of a ‘director of football’ title, Arsenal are assured that they are capable of creating an operations/sporting director position, which won’t undermine the manager’s position.

The given situation has become crucial to deciding Wenger’s future. The Frenchman is assured that crazy vape nikotinsalt e vatska ananas he requires retaining control over the sporting operations. However, on Friday he seemed to be more open to upcoming changes.

That’s a further sign that Arsene’s likely to stay, although until after the FA Cup final no final decisions are going to be made. Wenger admitted that he’s quite unsure if Sunday will happen to be his last play.