Football Association will introduce bans for diving

The Football Association is supposed to decisively approve a proposal for retrospective bans for footballers used to diving. The same punishment is also true for feign injury. That’s what English football will face already next season.

The idea, already being utilized imitation richard mille rm 68 in Scotland, appears to be on the agenda at the sports organization’s annual general gathering on Thursday, at Wembley.

It has been preconized that the English Football League, Premier League, Professional Footballers’ Association, to say nothing of League Managers Association actually underpin the initiative.

If three-quarters of the 1,100 FA shareholders approve, then three-man panels will scrutinize footage copy valentino from the weekend every Monday and any sportsman unanimously caught cheating might be exposed to a ban.

The Scottish Football Association’s rule 201 enables a disciplinary panel to impose two-game bans for acts of simulation overlooked by the officials or cancel yellow cards for sportsmen incorrectly adjudged for diving.