Manchester City is affected by transfer ban on signing academy sportsmen

Manchester City have already shared an unpleasant experience with Liverpool. They have been fiercely banned from signing academy football players for hiring two schoolboys, with 11-year-old.

A two-year transfer embargo on sportsmen registered with a counterpart Premier League or EFL side in the previous 18 months – that’s what Manchester City were provided, the same stuff faced by the Anfield club. The second year is postponed for up to three years.

Manchester City also stumbled on a £300,000 fine, which is £200,000 more than what Liverpool had to deal with. Liverpool were also caught having one schoolboy tapped up.

The previous year, a midfielder aged 11 from Everton drew attention of Manchester City. They made an attempt to have him signed. As for another sportsman, a midfielder aged 15 left Wolverhampton Wanderers for Manchester City.

Aside from that the Premier League scrutinized their recruitment of Louie Moulden, 16-year-old goalkeeper from Liverpool.