World Cup qualifying ban’s supposed to be reduced by Argentina

On Thursday, before FIFA in Zurich Argentina along with Lionel Messi presented an hour-and-a-half appeal as they’re struggling to see Messi’s four-bout ban in World Cup qualifying cut.

Juan de Dios Crespo, Messi’s attorney told journalists that the group worked hard on their defense in that case and they find the appeal promising enough.

Argentina aren’t supposed to get an instant verdict, although De Dios Crespo proved they were seeking to restrict the ban to the one bout that Messi has just served. As for the FIFA appeals panel, it typically provides a detailed verdict weeks in non-urgent cases within several.

At Uruguay Argentina’s expected to face its next World Cup qualifier on August 31.

Lionel was banned for having an assistant referee insulted. When the FIFA disciplinary committee issued its ruling hours before Argentina’s 2-0 losing play in March, Bolivia, the punishment was imposed.

By the way, FIFA disciplinary regulations suggest banning up to four plays for unsporting conduct toward a bout official.