Antonio Valencia is expected to get back to Manchester United

Antonio Valencia is actually expected to get back to the Manchester United team specially for their derby clash with Manchester City. That’s what some sources have already unveiled.

Having spent the season at right-back, he didn’t contribute to Sunday’s 2-0 victory at Burnley.

In addition to this, Antonio missed back-to-back plays versus Sunderland and Everton earlier this month right after United’s draw versus West Bromwich Albion because the defender faced fatigue.

Antonio got back for both legs of the Europa League quarterfinal versus Anderlecht as well as the 2-0 victory over Chelsea.

However, having spent 120 minutes versus Anderlecht in the second leg at Old Trafford, Antonio was rested for the voyage to Turf Moor with Manchester United staff worrying he could burn out.

Valencia’s workload between the present moment as well as the end of the football season is set to be managed cautiously because Manchester United are braced for a top-four finish in the Premier League and also the Europa League trophy.