Ghosts of Norwich are banished by Joseph Mendes on the first Championship start

Just seven days after being awfully humiliated at Norwich, Joseph Mendes didn’t start a league play for the Royals in an injury-blighted 9 months after leaving Le Havre.

Being assured that he would never grasp a second chance just to make a good first impression, crucial goals were used by the striker to announce his arrival into the Championship play-off.

The Frenchman aged 26 might have marked his full League debut using a hat-trick. Stam told that for the last several months Joseph had been working extremely hard. Joseph had been quite impressive in training sessions as well as under-23 games. Stam stressed that sometimes one should give the football player a chance, so he could prove himself.  Joseph Mendes was given a chance, and he managed to make the most of it!

Besides this, Stam said that Joseph did a good job. Undoubtedly, that’s a huge compliment to his adequate and faithful response to the situation he actually was in. Sam appreciates the team’s overall character demonstrated throughout the entire season.