Before Sochi Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel launches the mind games

Sebastian Vettel has already launched the mind games and also made an attempt to apply pressure on Mercedes’ driver Lewis Hamilton before this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix in Sochi.

Evidently, the Ferrari driver holds a pretty good position at the top of the Championship  having achieved his second victory of the season in Bahrain, just a day ago after conquering the opening bout in Australia. By the way, Hamilton, his nearest counterpart, managed to win the other, or to be exact – the extremely wet Chinese Grand Prix.

Well, with the Briton seven points behind him, Sebastian Vettel knows for sure that any advantage is important – no matter how tiny or close it might be.

After a couple of years of not fighting for the prestigious title, Sebastian’s currently back to masculine high speed thrilling adventures at front of the pack. Apparently, along with Hamilton, they both seem to be excited by their fresh rivalry.