Dick Law considers Arsenal’s management model to be the most effective in football

Dick Law, Arsenal’s chief negotiator has already underpinned the football club’s old-school management model. He stressed that from his point of view Arsene Wenger’s key decisions have no rivals in terms of efficiency in football.

Law’s comments arose amid debate as for whether the football club needs to employ a sporting director or not.

However, Dick also stressed that Arsenal’s system had functioned best when Wenger was fruitfully cooperating with ex-vice-chairman David Dein.

In the presentation Law depicted the club’s structure as the outlier model, enabling the manager to effectively control all the football operations.

Aside from that, Dick Law compared the collaboration of Dein and Wenger to that of David Gill and Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, stressing that Arsenal had drifted away from the system under Ivan Gazidis, current CEO.

Dick’s comments arose amid a potential breach between Wenger as well as the board as for a probable restructuring.