Wenger suggests Wembley move will distract Spurs

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal boss has just repeated that counterparts Tottenham are experiencing a tough  transition when moving into their fresh stadium.

White Hart Lane – that’s where Arsene takes his team on Sunday for what could be the last time, with Spurs poised to head for Wembley for a season right before taking residence of a new home.

As for the Gunners, they underwent the same process when moving to the Emirates Stadium from Highbury, 2006, simultaneously facing a period of hardships as well as readjustment.

Since that move, Arsenal haven’t been capable of recapturing the Premier League title last conquered by them in 2004, while Wenger was forced to sell many skilled players just to balance the books.

Currently, before his 50th and probably last north London bout, the boss has warned his fierce counterparts that it might take tons of time to feel comfortable in an unknown ground.

When asked how challenging the new stadium could appear to be for Spurs, the boss said that no one can even imagine the whole difficultness of it.