Rape allegations are fiercely denied by Cristiano Ronaldo’s representatives

Cristiano Ronaldo’s official representatives have firmly denied a shocking report on an allegation the Real Madrid legend dared to rape a female in 2009. They labeled this stuff as “a junk piece of journalistic fiction.”

Referring to documents from an alleged out-of-court settlement, Der Spiegel, German news outlet informed that in 2010 Ronaldo didn’t object to shell out $375,000 in order to settle the allegation of rape, after an incident in Las Vegas in 2009, after the player moved to Real from Manchester United.

Apparently, Ronaldo’s management company, Gestifute, established by Jorge Mendes, rejected the accusation and emphasized that the football legend would make a vigorous effort to have his name fully cleared.

Gestifute told in its statement that the German paper Der Spiegel released a long article dealing with an alleged accusation of rape, which would have been focused on the famous football player back in 2009, 8 years ago.