Pep Guardiola: next season will be different for Manchester City fans

Pep Guardiola pledged that next year Manchester City’s season is going to be surprisingly different, having faced up to his first season in football management without grasping a reward.

The former Barcelona as well as Bayern Munich player has managed to acquire silverware in each of his seven last seasons. However, his debut season in UK football is currently getting closer to a decisive play just to secure Champions League football. The given challenge has been worsened by worries over the health of both Sergio Aguero and David Silva ahead of the Manchester play on Thursday when Manchester United could potentially bring them in the Premier League.

On Sunday, both Silva and Aguero had to be replaced in the extra-time loss versus Arsenal, while the health of both Gabriel Jesus and John Stones is in doubt too.

When told that it would be his first football season without a reward, Guardiola told that next season, the team is going to become stronger, and they pledge to drastically improve the way they play.