Notts County Ladies are withdrawn from the Women’s Super League

The female football club dubbed Notts County Ladies have been withdrawn from the Women’s Super League right after Alan Hardy, chairman and owner admitted loss in his bid to save the football club just two days before their first Spring Series play.

The club faced a bill of nearly £1million in order to keep them afloat this season. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to have inherited HMRC debts restructured from the previous regime.

Apparently, two Premier League sides had demonstrated an interest in taking over the business as a going worry, though the FA wouldn’t initiate a transfer.

Ahead of this summer’s Women’s European Championship the given news is bound to leave the players, such as Laura Bassett, Jo Potter, Jade Moore and Carly Telford without a team.

On Sunday, the female sportsmen were expected to play at Arsenal, though Hardy had his decision confirmed on Friday, explaining that for the club continuing would probably end up with financial suicide.