Borussia Dortmund bomb incident: Jurgen Klopp discloses his fear

Jurgen Klopp has already told reporters how he was awfully scared for his former football players as well as staff. On Tuesday, when being on their teambus, making their way to Champions League clash with Monaco, all of them came across a sudden bomb attack. They naturally suffered injuries, as the explosion close to the team coach shockingly shattered the vehicles’ windows, delivering further damage to the players and staff.

In that incident, 26-year-old defender Marc Bartra, happened to fracture his wrist.

A targeted attack – that’s how the case was classified by police. It has been figured out that up to three explosives were placed in a nearby hedge.

An emotional Klopp, working as a manager at Dortmund, 2008- 2015, revealed how he felt when the news about the explosion arose.

As he told, it was an extremely difficult moment for him. He added that it’s so shocking to realize that his friends were in that bus, and he shudders to think of the incident.