Ross Barkley features bruised face and black eye at Everton training ground

Since Sunday night in a Liverpool bar, Ross Barkley, the 23-year-old Everton star was pictured for the first time. That night he underwent a sudden unprovoked assault . Pictures revealed him showcasing bruises on his face as Ross left the club-s Finch Farm training base.

The midfielder’s face looked quite bruised and battered as Ross was noticed leaving the club’s training ground, having come to the facility just a couple of hours earlier on Wednesday.

A stranger dared to punch Ross to the ground as the midfielder came to Santa Chupitos cocktail bar, Liverpool, several hours after assisting his side in beating Leicester City 4-2 at Goodison Park.

Previously unveiled CCTV footage depicted the Everton as well as England midfielder having a chat with a stranger near the bar before three mighty punches threw Ross to the ground. As a matter of fact, the Everton midfielder’s lawyers confirmed the assault in Monday’s statement.