Jurgen Klopp comments on Borussia Dortmund explosions

Borussia Dortmund’s scheduled Champions League quarter-final play against Monaco didn’t take place, it was delayed after a series of explosions near the German side’s bus.

Marc Bartra, Dortmund defender suffered injuries during the shocking incident. The match has been rearranged for tomorrow afternoon.

Ex-Dortmund boss Klopp stood stayed in Liverpool along with his former colleague Josef Schneck to enjoy the match, but suddenly he learned the shocking news, which happened to be heartbreaking for him.

During Klopp’s time at the club, the Dortmund press officer, Schneck, drew attention to the fact that Jurgen Klopp is far more affected than all of them.

The German police have announced that there were three explosions close to the Dortmund team coach ahead of tonight’s play.

Injured Spanish defender Bartra was hospitalized. Fortunately, Spanish defender hasn’t suffered tough injuries. He just acquired minor cuts on his hand.