Xavi unveils Juventus’ most dangerous football player

The real threat posed to Barcelona by Juventus’ capable forward player Paulo Dybala has been recently highlighted by Xavi. He also emphasized that Dani Alves still appears to be an awful miss at Camp Nou.

During the quarter-final stage of this season’s Champions League a heavyweight encounter is expected to pitch title holders from Italy and Spain into direct competition.

Xavi told that in his opinion the brightest member of the Juventus team was exactly Dybala.  He added that Higuain also boasts an ability to score goals literary at any time. Nevertheless, Xavi is assured that Dybala definitely stands out as the smartest Juventus’ star.

Barca is about to be pitted against a familiar face in Italy. Xavi acknowledged that the void generated by Dani Alves’ move to Serie A the previous summer will be filled at Camp Nou.

Xavi said that if he could take any Juventus’ player for Barca, he would undoubtedly grasp Dani Alves. In spite of the fact Dani made up his mind to leave, for Xavi he happens to be the number one right-back throughout the world, and Barca really lack him.