Gareth Southgate: boys are reluctant to show their weakness

Needless to say, it’s extremely difficult to have a word with football players when it comes to openly discuss their mental health issues, as the England manager Gareth Southgate has just unveiled.

Southgate stressed that male players have always been quite uncomfortable opening up. The explanation is quite banal and predictable – they simply hate demonstrating weakness in front of other people.

His comments arose amid claims that football clubs keep neglecting their players’ emotional well-being.

This week Aaron Lennon, Everton player had been detained following the Mental Health Act. The sportsman was taken to hospital for assessment having been noticed near a busy thoroughfare close to the highway M602.

The ex-England winger’s generated wave of sympathy from within and outside the pitch. Then the Professional Footballers’ Association confessed that some teams require doing more in order to meet their strict duty of care obligations.