Venezuelan football players hold minute’s silence following kick-off to get around TV blackout

In Venezuela a football match has faced a minute’s silence held during the play, after kick-off.

After the referee marked by whistling the play’s start between Anzoátegui and Lara, kick-off arose and one pass kicked in, before all participants froze.

The given minute’s silence was held out just to respect those who have passed away during the recent riots in this Latino country, when the Venezuelan government clashed with anti-government protesters.

Apparently, the weird timing of the football players paying their sincere respects turned to be in the very cause of trying to ensure that the silence could not be edited out of TV coverage of the bout – that’s exactly what took place in another play, when Carabobo faced off with Caracas.

The sportsmen obtained much support for their actions online.

Venezuela appears to be in the chocking grip of a severe economic crisis.  Currently, it’s still unclear whether there’ll be any further demonstrations at football bouts or teams will undergo a series of reprisals.