Talk of power shift from Arsenal to Tottenham is rejected by Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger actually acknowledged that Tottenham Hotspur appear to be favorites for North London bout on Sunday, though actively rebutted that their ascendance stands for a ‘power shift’.

Loss at White Hart Lane would mean concluding below Tottenham in the league for the first time in Wenger’s experience.

Arsenal have managed to win one of their last six Premier League north London bouts, and the football club might taste victory in the league versus the old foe since Mauricio Pochettino’s rise in 2014.

Since Arsenal’s awful 3-0 loss at Crystal Palace, the club have rallied with three victories, including an FA Cup semi-final surprise over Manchester City.

Wenger’s shift to a system “back three”, not utilized by Arsenal since 1997, has appeared to be a crucial factor in this mini-recover with the Arsenal manager stressing that the fresh set-up brings enhanced defensive stability.