Jose Mourinho and Gareth Southgate collide over Marcus Rashford

Jose Mourinho is actually colliding with England manager Gareth Southgate over this summer’s hypothetical participation of Marcus Rashford in the European Under-21 Championships.

On Thursday night Marcus Rashford’s awesome extra-time goal vs. Anderlecht secured the Manchester United’s place in the European League semi-finals. The Manchester United manager dislikes the idea of letting Rashford go to the tournament in June, in Poland.

Mourinho is assured that Ramford would better complete rest in the close season, having represented his country at Euro 2016 the previous summer.

However, Southgate told that he doesn’t doubt that the best thing for the player’s further development and confidence would be to take part in the Under-21 tournament. The given statement put him in fierce confrontation with Jose Mourinho. As for Jose Mourinho, he said that it doesn’t make sense for such an experienced sportsman as Ramford to drop his levels.