Victor Moses and Diego Costa played at Manchester United sharing the same disease with Marcos Alonso

Major Chelsea participants were struck down with a health disorder right before Sunday’s Premier League play against Manchester United, though some sportsmen played on nonetheless. The club is assured that it considerably contributed to their dissatisfactory performance.

Antonio Conte dared to take absolute responsibility for the loss in the aftermath of the 2-0 victory for Manchester United, which held Chelsea’s lead at the top of the Premier League to 4 points.

It can be disclosed that on Friday the striker Diego Costa, Marcos Alonso as well as winger Victor Moses missed training due to the disease.

Alonso tried to play, though a bit later he was excluded during the warm-up at Old Trafford. That was a last minute switch carried out by Conte just to keep the overall balance of the team.

Costa also tried to play on. Unfortunately, he failed to meet his standards too. As a result, Chelsea didn’t manage to muster a shot on target for the entire play. Moses started the play too, but on 54 minutes he was substituted for the same reason.