Leicester City bid to ruin chances against Atletico Madrid again

Leicester City have already proven a sort of irritant to the bookmakers for the last twelve months that the chances for a victory over Atletico Madrid, Tuesday night are likely best off ignored.

The likelihood of Leicester winning the Premier League title the previous season was equal to something unreal, such as Elvis Presley being spotted alive. Now we witness Leicester heading into the most impressive night in their history exactly as rank outsiders.

For the last three seasons, Atleti have definitely succeeded in reaching the Champions League final twice. Evidently, they appear to be European veterans, who face the English upstarts, mostly expected to get to the semi-finals by simply coping with what they should do at the King Power Stadium.

Sports experts consider Diego Simeone to be a streetwise and cunning tactician, reportedly the only remaining star manager, who operates outside English football. As for striker Antoine Griezmann, he boasts an £85million release clause. Apparently, Atleti’s chances to go through happen to be 17-100 with several bookies.