Antonio Conte eyes promising season and hopes to have long Chelsea stay

Antonio Conte, Chelsea manager has already informed Sky Sports that he’s eager to stay at the club for a long period of time.

In Italy, reports have suggested that Inter Milan could shift to Conte. The coach stressed it was a great thing to learn that the Chelsea fans are really happy with him. Additionally, he emphasized his intention to stay in the football club for a long time.

As he said coaching is a very difficult job and much depends on the outcome. Sure, he would prefer thinking that outcomes are crucial, though they aren’t everything. In his opinion, for every coach their work turns to be crucial every day.

Antonio Conte said that he can’t imagine himself a loser. He adores football and he’s assured that folks properly understand his passion. For him it’s great to learn that those, who like Chelsea, are proud of him.

Conte,former Italy coach told that he had required just a bit of time to adapt, having got to the Premier League, although highly praised his players for their excellent work-rate as well as attitude.