Golden Boy nominees estimated: Stats gurus disclose the 30 best young sportsmen worldwide

This week the Golden Boy award longlist, stuffed with up to 98 nominees was officially announced. However, SciSkill statistics is capable of unveiling no more than 30 nominees.

SciSports happened to give birth to the SciSkill Index. The index is employed for assessing the individual skill level of a sportsman.

It’s built around match results. Besides this, it takes into account such crucial nuances as the number of minutes played, the strength of the rivals, the sportsman’s position, to say nothing of the competition strength.

After ever march the index receives updates.

The Golden Boy award can be defined as an annual gong handed out to the most professional sportsman under the age of 21. As for the previous winners, one can mention such names as Cesc Fabregas, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi.

However, Seven sportsmen from the longlist, such as Manuel Morlanes, Dejan Joveljic, Erik Andersson, Nedim Hadzic, Paolo Medina, Kolbeinn Finnsson and Daniil Utkin, haven’t taken part in enough matches to qualify for SciSkill top level.